Welcome to the home page for CDC EZ-Text (Version 4.0)

If you have access to FTP, you can download the lastest vesion of the program at our public FTP site:


We have heard that some people are having trouble downloading the setup file from our FTP site. To support them, we have developed a system to allow users to download the zipped EzText 4.0 setup file directly to your PC.

Just click the appropriate link in the table below:

File Name Description
EzText40_Setup.zip The setup files for latest build of EzText 4.0
EzText40_exe_build_377.zip The latest build of the main EzText progam (i.e. EzText40.exe)
EzText40_Users_Guide.zip The latest version of the EzText 4.0 User's Guide (zipped)

If you want to install EzText 4.0 on your PC, You'll need download the EzText40_Setup.zip file and 'unzip' the files into a temporary folder. Run the 'Setup.exe' to install the EzText 4.0 program.

If you already have EzText 4.0 installed on your PC, and just want the latest release, downloaded the latest build of the program, 'unzip' it and replace your existing 'EzText40.exe' in the c:\Program Files\EzText40 folder.